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nedfodder brings you an early christmas present this week with a full unreleased album download from Irrational Number. If you like your UK hip-hop this is a must featuring JND and Dermo straight outta Yorkshire…

Irrational Number – Foreword

Irrational Number – Club Tracks

Irrational Number – Rhymers Annonymous

Irrational Number – Word Up

Irrational Number – Club Tracks (remix)

Irrational Number – Frontin Punk Kids

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November 3rd, 2005

Yes Mr Russ, Your missing the Fronting Punk Kids song!

Holler Atcha Boy. It’s the one that starts “e-are man, let me have twos’ on that mic, coz i’ve been waiting ‘an’t I”


November 4th, 2005

tis done

Lola Love

November 7th, 2005

Big up respect to Mr Russ for creating this site and the incredible
After trawling the web and itunes for some decent Podcasts i stumbled
across a link to nedfodder and have been a faithful fan since September.
After listening to the shows, i can honestly say my musical taste has
dramatically broadend and i now feel more confident to experiment with
new styles and genres.
The eclectic mix of DJs is an unprecedented but brilliant surprise from
an independent label and a sure sign of the quality, time and love put
into this site.
Finally, all i can say is keep up the good work – you are providing a
major service to the music industry!
Keep it real, keep it independent and most importantly – keep it coming!
Lola Love


January 24th, 2006

easy russ, finally got access to the internet, podcast galore now my
friend. looking forward to hearing some good new music. oh and if you
still want a mix cd to work with i’ll send you one in. and come visit
us, been far too long!!! take it easy mate.

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