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The nedfodder podcast is back with a promo track from Prym Evyl and DJ Woli formerly known as DJ Enzy back again to take over for the second half. This show was recorded on the road and for that reason the introduction sounds like it was recorded in a cavern which I’m afraid there is nothing we can do about, however look forward to the show returning weekly, with our usual recording setup.

To listen to the show click on the link below
nedfodder we’re back podcast – radio show

To get the tracklisting click on the link below
nedfodder we’re back podcast – tracklist

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1 comment

Dj Woli

May 22nd, 2005

ey up, thought i would just elaberate on the drastic name change.
ive always been known as DJ Woli or DJ Wols to mates and peeps that
know me, Enzy is simply a tag which i put up a bit round manchester,
recently 2 peeps from my crew got hit with 10 months for graff so
im kinda wanting to keep it on the D.L for a while.

peace DJ woli


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